There has been inconvenience in controlling each digital home appliance which requires its own remote controller. In this paper, we present an advanced universal remote controller (URC) with the total solution for home automation and security. All kinds of home appliances can be controlled with the URC, which can be also connected to a PC dealing with Internet as well. To use the URC, we need several receivers with wired or wireless communication methods to be connected to all appliances. The receivers have many channels and IDs to control many appliances at the same time and to support multi-zone services. In addition, we propose a PC-based interface for end-users to use the URC conveniently. With the proposed URC, we can easily construct a ubiquitous home automation and security environment with the total solution. Furthermore, this solution can be applied to the automated control of all kinds of appliances installed within buildings for companies, schools, hospitals, and so on.