The TABA DOOR commenced with the initial establishment of TAREEQ AL BAIT AUTOMATIC DOORS FIX LLC in the year 2017 as a specialist in the supply, installation, testing commission and maintenance of Automatic Gate Barriers, Automatic Garage Doors, Sectional Doors, Overhead Doors, Sliding Doors and Gates. Over the next decade they established itself as a reputed solution provided in the Gate automation, Parking Management & Control Solutions, Automatic Doors (Roll-up speed doors, Sectional Doors, Overhead Doors, Loading Docks and Leveler Shelters, Gate automation kits, Automatic Garbage Chute Doors etc.

The Group as whole is determined to always exceed the service and financial objectives set by its clients and consistently deliver the highest possible level of products and services. In doing so, the company will continue to build on its reputation as a company of integrity and the first choice of partners to its clients.



TABA DOOR is totally committed to understanding and meeting the quality needs and expectations of all our customers. TABA DOOR has a proud reputation for delivering quality components. We have established a comprehensive quality assurance system that allows our company to meet all of the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standard. Our quality assurance system focuses on the following principles:

  1. Quality is the responsibility of every employee
  2. Ethical workmanship and customer satisfaction are paramount
  3. Products and services must be delivered on time and at the agreed upon price
  4. Continuous improvement and training are vital to ensure that our customers receive World Class products and services
  5. Our management systems, practices, products, customers and employees must be measured in terms of performance. Performance indicators guide us to the area(s) in need of corrective action and review
  6. TABA DOOOR know-how and quality control of processes and of our performance are the foundations of the trust that our clients are granting us
  7. Our constant concern for improvement drives the development of all improvement steps aiming at continuously increasing our performance for the best satisfaction of our customers.
    We are committed to develop, implement, maintain, and verify the quality assurance processes, to sensitize employees to customer’s requirements and to develop the quality mindset throughout the whole company.
  8. The system is effectively implemented by undertaking relevant skills training and conducting appropriate quality awareness training;
  9. Responsibilities for quality are established by communicating these responsibilities clearly to all employees;
  10. The policy and procedures continue to be appropriate by initiating regular reviews to check its effectiveness and ongoing relevance, and
  11. The company regularly reviews the needs and expectations of our customers and initiate continuous improvement activities to meet these expectations.
  12. The system monitors and measures its processes for conformity, implements actions to achieve planned results and continually improves processes for better productivity.
  13. The system determines the sequence and interactions of processes and determines the criteria and methods needed to ensure the operation and control of processes are effective.

The entire TABADOOR team will adhere to the spirit and intent of our quality policy, as well as the directives of this quality assurance manual and its supporting quality system documentation. We will continue to aggressively strive to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved at all times, and in all things.



To be the leading organization in the Middle East and Africa in providing innovative solutions in manufacturing, construction and facilities maintenance and recognized and valued for its unwavering commitment to provide value for money to clients.


Create and foster a truly customer focused culture that will help develop and sustain a strong and mutually productive relationships with our customers , stakeholders and vendors, consistently maintain quality above the set industry standards, continually develop and maintain innovative products and solutions & making the difference by investing in the right people & Technology.




  • Customer contact within 24 hours of work completion to get real time feedback on our service for continual improvement.
  • Tie up with some of the equally customer focused specialist vendors in the industry to help us to provide some specialized services not directly provided by us.
  • Provide solutions that help drive down the energy costs and minimize the environmental impact of building services.
  • Control / reduce your and operating costs through our very reasonable pricing structures


The objective our organization is to have clear processes for all key transactions and interactions and sub processes for all the related activities.

Our process clearly target:

  • Continuous improvement, easy integration of changes and growth
  • Integration of our divisions, functions and employees
  • Driving high performance, optimize productivity,
  • Reduce costs and Maximize returns on investment
  • Effective collaboration of business activities across the group and synchronize business
  • Control across all activities and functions
  • Empowerment of employees to make the right decisions at the right time at the right level
  • Considering the context and perspective
  • Creation of a more productive workforce and a healthy and safe working environment
  • Embracing all skills, experiences, qualifications and align them our corporate culture to
  • Achieve our objectives, regardless of national, gender and age difference
  • Consistently exceeding customer expectations and achieve excellence


  • At taba door, we accept that Safety, health and environment are integral part of all our business activities and recognize our responsibility and role in providing a safe working environment for all our employees and stake holders.Our goal is to achieve ZERO incidents by building a strong culture of safety imbibed into the systems of every individual associated with our organization.

    We also recognize our responsibility towards environment and sustainability and committed to contribute to the communities where we live and work.

     We are determined to live up to its commitment on a daily basis and this commitment will be reflected in every aspect of our life, 24 hours of the day and 365 days of the year and throughout our life.

    Our HSE Policy highlights the extent of our commitment to these aspects of our service. Our people are taught that THERE IS NO SHORT CUT when it comes to

    Health (including fitness), safety of self and others, and protection of the environment.


We strongly believe and are committed to making meaningful, measurable contribution results to the Green initiatives of UAE, by achieving sustainable results, rather than making gallant statement or slogans.

We as a company recognize and accept our responsibility towards environment and sustainability and are wholeheartedly committed to effectively contribute to the UAE government’s initiatives for a clean, green and sustainable environment. We believe that every person within our organization can make significant contribution to sustainability and are determined to live up to our commitment on a daily basis by reflecting it in every aspect of our life 24x7x365 days.

Our strategy for sustainability includes:

Provide leadership and increase awareness of sustainability among our workforce and all those associated with us in our business, including the clients we serve, and encourage an interactive partnership to achieve our shared values and goals.

 Refining work practices to cut waste, proper selection of plant and material, increase recycling and recovery, reduce water consumption, and minimize any negative environmental impacts, where we have the responsibility or can influence.


  • We believe that our customers trust us to give them flawless delivery of service and products with the highest level of quality and they are the key to our success.Our Policies and procedures drive us to continually asses our capabilities, competence, in relation to our commitment and focus in the delivery of our products and services to our customers, consistently identifying areas and methods for improvement.
  • We are determined to carefully identify our customers, consulting them in a meaningful way and efficiently measuring the outcome of our services, by not merely collecting information but by putting such information to beneficial use, resulting in comprehensive solutions to our clients.
  • We are determined to cultivate, embed, build and foster a truly customer focused culture in this organization, starting with the leader to the front line operator. 

    Our commitment is to keep to agreed timescales, combined with quality of service so as to achieve the best possible results for our customers.